99th Floor Dinner – MID FEB

    99th Floor Presents – Filipino Flower Feast

    Opening cocktail hour followed by a plated 5-course dinner!

    Hosted by Chef Miguel Trinidad, the dinner offer guests a dining experience unlike anything they’ve known before and allow 99th Floor to introduce and test its products. Chef’s recipes embody the Company’s brand: his offerings offer subtle dosages that allow diners to consume a full five-course meal and slowly accumulate a high in the process. Dining guests receive an experience that is more in line with sipping fine wine rather than taking constant rounds of shots, as the cuisine is as much about the food and atmosphere as it is about the effects.

    Chef Miguel Trinidad

    Chef Miguel is the Executive Chef and owner of two of the most famous Filipino restaurants in the country, Jeepney and Maharlika. Maharlika was just named to Condé Nast Travelers top 200 restaurants in the world. Chef has appeared on Food Network, Vice and was even on The View.