The following terms and conditions are established to successfully produce your event.

MF Events aims to integrate small batch, local and seasonal products and ingredients whenever possible. We have ongoing relationships with valued local producers and specialty brands, both established and emerging. Our menus fluctuate in order to offer our clients the best possible options. We use 100% biodegradable cutlery and disposables for events when disposables are required.

Our chef is happy to accommodate dietary restrictions. Please provide any knowledge of dietary restrictions in advance.

Final guest count and runtime for an event must be received 5 (FIVE) full working days prior to the event. This count becomes the guaranteed number and is not subject to reduction. If attendance is above the guaranteed number or the event runs longer than the contracted time, MF Events will make every effort to accommodate your guests. However, we cannot guarantee the availability of additional items as specified in the original agreement and will substitute accordingly. Additional costs apply.

We encourage you to reserve and book your date as soon as possible. Dates will not be held or reserved until a contract is signed and the non-refundable deposit is made. MF Events reserves the right to refuse events that are requested late or exceed our capacity to provide service.

A 25% estimated non-refundable deposit is due at time of booking. An additional 50% deposit is due no less than 1 (ONE) week prior to event date. Balance payment must be paid prior to service. Preferred payment via wire transfer or check. Credit cards accepted through PayPal, with 3% fee applied.

If the client cancels a contracted event, MF Events will retain the deposit/retainer fee as liquidated damages. In some special circumstances, deposits for canceled events may be held for up to 1 (ONE) year, to be put towards another catering event booked with MF Events. Future events must be booked in the same manner, adhering to a newly signed catering contract.

MF Events charges New York Sales Tax for all events. For our Non-Profit clients, MF Events requires a copy of a tax-exempt certificate.

A 15% Staff Gratuity is applied to the balance before tax.

MF Events provides NY State Liquor Authority approved Beer, Wine and Liquor Caterer’s Permit specifically for the event location, as well as covering the client and/or venue with Commercial General Liability, Liquor Liability, and Worker’s Compensation Insurance for the duration of the event.

MF Events is available to provide all preproduction needs including, venue scouting, floorplan design, layout, and rendering, obtaining sponsor and vendor partnerships, permit sourcing, graphic design, social media promotion and more, at an additional charge.
If it is required by MF Events to transport, return and/or manage remaining event-specific sponsored and/or purchased product, additional handling fees apply.

Depending on your needs, MF Events will provide some decor, and bar and service ware for your event. Tables, chairs, linen, additional decorations, glassware, dinnerware, etc are additional costs.

Please provide times for load in and out in relation to the venue’s specifications. MF Events will contact suppliers to discuss any time restrictions. Where load out must occur on the same evening of the event, rental pick up and removal will have an increased charge. MF Events is not responsible for items justify behind at the conclusion of an event.

A 5 (FIVE) hour minimum guarantee is quoted for each service staff. We reserve the right to increase or decrease the number of staff if guaranteed guest count is 10% higher or lower than the number included in this contract. All Service Staff hours are provided on the catering work order at an estimated time (set up, service, clean up or tear down) depending on the catering needs. Where overtime is incurred, the actual hours worked by staff at the event will be reflected on the invoice following the event. Payment is due upon receipt.

The purpose of the tasting is to show how the menu items that have been chosen for the event will be presented and garnished and give the client an opportunity to provide feedback and request any changes. A non-refundable charge of $40.00 per person for the tasting will apply. The menu will be reflective of our capabilities. We are always happy to provide additional references of past and current clients to discuss our services, if needed. Please speak to us for more details.

MF Events always provides more food and beverage than required, any product not consumed will be returned with MF Events staff.

Garbage disposal is the responsibility of the client and/or venue. If garbage disposal is not provided a disposal fee will be applied for arranging garbage pick-up and removal.